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Car Security/Safety

Car Safety/SecurityProtect your car by installing a state-of-the-art security system.

The Fortress FS-90 by Crimestopper is their top-of-the-line 2-way combo system and is a new level of luxury in the industry of vehicle security and convenience products. Operating at 915MHz, the user can stay in constant contact with their vehicle using an full color touch screen 2-way LCD transmitter. Sending and receiving commands is almost instant giving audible voice tones and full color 3D graphics for confirmation and with the touch screen, the user can easily navigate through the remotes many different menus. The LCD Paging remote offers not only a touch screen but also has a lock, unlock, trunk, and start button on the bottom half below the touch-screen. It commands and can illustrate any event that occurs on the system such as remote start, alarm trigger, trunk pop, etc. There is also a full trigger history menu that will display the past four triggers of the alarm to the user. The history reads out the time, date, and zone that was set off whether it be the shock sensor, door, hood/trunk or ignition. In addition, the FS-90 remote has an internal antenna giving it a more sleek look without losing out on any of the 4000ft of range. You can also download your own vehicle images onto your LCD remote using the optional FS-IDA-689 USB downloader. This cable allows you to plug into your LCD remote and your computer and download your own images into your remote. The software is very easy to use and takes only a few minutes to install onto your computer.

Car Safety/SecurityEven more advanced technology, the DEI Smart Start alarm/remote car start system allows you to use your smart phone to control and communicate with your security and/or remote car system. You can track your vehicles location and have it text you if the alarm is activated. Advanced camera systems and mobile DVR's are also available so you can record the incident and witness the perpetrator as they attempt to break into your vehicle.

In addition to some of these systems, we offer the expanded line-up of OEM T-harness solutions making installations more reliable than ever. Also, new for this year are fully integrated telematic systems. These systems include a built-in smart phone modem combined with remote start, alarm, and GPS tracking.

In addition, leading the way is a new series of driver convenience and security products. They include HD cameras that bring greater resolution under low light conditions combined with the most innovative line-up of OEM replacement mirror monitors and LCD screens. We also showcase a blind spot detection system as well as surround cam that will provide 360 degrees of coverage. Several models of dash cams and mobile DVR systems are also available.

With all of this new technology, you and your vehicle are now safer than ever. Visit The Audio Connection today and have one of our experienced sales staff help you select a system for your car.