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Factory Car Stereo Repairs

Factory Car Stereo RepairsAt The Audio Connection, we know factory car stereo repair. We can restore your OEM sound system to its original condition. We service most brands of car radios, amplifiers, CD players, and navigation units. In many cases, we can offer estimated repair rates in advance for no surprises and will guarantee our repair work for one year. If your equipment is not repairable, there is no charge for the estimate.

Factory Car Stereo RepairsFor some customers who have certain BOSE systems or integrated systems, it makes more sense to repair then to replace. For vehicles with these types of systems, there may be an additional cost for aftermarket installation that needs to be considered. Labor, kits, wire harnesses, steering wheel interfaces, and, in some cases, custom dash panels are required.

So if your factory car stereo stopped working, drop by The Audio Connection for us to take a look to see how we can help you.