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Mobile Video

Mobile VideoTake a look at the mobile video products we offer. Our video products come from the top car audio-video manufacturers in the world including Kenwood, Pioneer and JVC.

Video systems can be integrated into a multimedia car audio-video system or offer stand alone entertainment for the enjoyment of all ages. We have monitors that can mount to the roof of the car, onto or into the dashboard, on or in consoles or in the backside of a seat or headrest. Our experienced installers can even mount monitors in unusual locations. We know how to take advantage of the interior design of the car to mount monitors in the best place for viewing.

These monitors are designed to play DVD movies and can also be equipped with a video game control console so that the viewer can enjoy playing video games. Moreover, there are now a number of television providers from whom you can purchase a subscription to receive local television stations as well as cable network including CNN, the Cartoon Network, ESPN, Major League Baseball and the National Football League. Imagine, waking up and turning on your television to catch a major news event as it happens live and then getting into your car and continue to follow that event until you arrive at work or other destination.

It's easy to provide the convenience of watching DVDs or television in the home to your car. Call our experienced sales staff at The Audio Connection to start the creation of a mobile video system in your car.