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Car Security Systems in Maryland

At Audio Connection, we are committed to keeping your car as safe and secure as possible. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art car security systems in Maryland from the most trusted brands to help you protect your vehicle against intrusion, theft, and other unfortunate situations.

Our Car Security Products

Fortress FS-90 by CrimeStopper

The Fortress FS-90 is CrimeStopper’s top-of-the-line 2-way combo system and a new luxury in the vehicle security and convenience products industry. Operating at 915 MHz, you can stay in contact with your car using a full-color touchscreen with a 2-way LCD transmitter. Send and receive commands almost instantly with audible voice tones and colorful 3D graphics for confirmation. With the touchscreen, you can also easily navigate through the remote’s menus.

Remote Features

The LCD Paging remote has lock, unlock, trunk, and start buttons on the bottom half below the touchscreen. It commands and illustrates any event on the system, such as remote start, alarm trigger, trunk pop, etc.

There is also a full trigger history menu that shows the last four alarm triggers, where you will see the time, date, and zone when the shock sensor, door, hood/trunk, or ignition was set off. In addition, the FS-90 remote features an integrated antenna, giving it a sleeker look without losing out on the 4000-foot range.

Multimedia Functions

You can also download vehicle images onto your LCD remote using the optional FS-IDA-689 USB downloader. This cable allows you to plug your LCD remote into the computer and download your pictures into the remote. The software is easy to use and takes only a few minutes to install onto your computer.

Alarm/Remote Car Start System by DEI Smart Start

With even more advanced technology, the DEI Smart Start alarm/remote car start system allows you to use your smartphone to operate and communicate with your auto security system. You can track your vehicle’s location and receive a notification when the alarm is activated. Advanced camera systems and mobile DVRs are also available, allowing you to record the incident and witness the perpetrator as they try to break into your vehicle.

Other Car Security Products We Offer

We offer an expanded lineup of OEM T-harness solutions, making installations more dependable than ever. We also have fully integrated telematic systems, which include a built-in smartphone modem, remote start, alarm, and GPS tracking.

Audio Connection carries new series of driver convenience and security products, including HD cameras that bring excellent resolution under low light conditions and an innovative lineup of OEM replacement mirror monitors and LCD screens. We also showcase a blind spot detection system and surround cam with 360 degrees of coverage. Dashcams and mobile DVR systems are also available in various types.

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Allow Audio Connection to enhance the overall safety of your vehicle. With our wide selection of car security remotes and systems, you can get peace of mind knowing that you and your vehicle are safer than ever. Visit or call us today to speak with one of our expert installers to help you select the right system for your car.